What we learned at CWCB expo in LA

First of all, California was amazing.  We loved the energy, the food, and the Santa Monica Pier.
We met a lot great people and learned more about the companies they represent. We visited every booth at the event, most of them several times.  We are a startup, so I chose to stick to the expo only pass at this event.  As our business matures, we will likely attend the workshops as well.
What types of businesses did we see?
  • CBD only businesses had a huge presence at the show.  This segment of the market has the most mainstream support.
  • Equipment manufacturers - Extraction, automation, and grow equipment.
  • Ancillary services - CPA's, attorneys, digital marketing, Insurance, CRM, etc...
  • Industry associations - Advocacy and Industry Certification groups
  • MIP's - Edibles and topicals
  • Packaging Companies
  • Vape Pen/Cartridge manufacturers
Our mission is to Connect Sales Talent with Opportunities in Cannabis. 
Many of our candidates come from a background outside of Cannabis and are looking for a growing industry.  I met a candidate in Pharmaceutical sales at the event.  She was concerned about her industry's consolidation and contraction.  If you're looking for a career that will give you a high income, flexibility, and a sense of purpose, Cannabis might be a great fit.
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