The Cannabis Industry Needs Sales Professionals


  I've been attending a lot of Cannabis Industry events as I'm launching this new Cannabusiness.  I thought I'd share some of my insights.
   We Connect Sales Talent with Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry
   I have had the opportunity to meet many founders and Cannabis Industry leaders.  The legal cannabis industry is growing exponentially in the US and Canada.  Recreational Cannabis in the US is predicted to remain the largest market, however international growth opportunities are also huge.
   There are more and more opportunities for sales professionals to enter or advance their career in the Cannabis Industry.  Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Staffing, Wholesale, and sectors are growing.  Outside sales is probably the most common need that I hear from Cannabusinesses.  They'll call it many things, Business Development, Account Manager, Sales Representative, and others.  
   We as an industry are growing faster than we can sustain and develop sales pros from within.  There are many traditional sales professionals looking to pursue their passion and find a growing industry.  Not everyone in the industry is a cannabis user, many simply see the opportunity as our generation's gold rush.
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