Our 1st Cannabis Conference is this week

This week we will be attending the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in LA.  The content and speakers look valuable and worth the investment. We're excited to meet potential employers and job seekers while we're out there.
Are you a "Student of the Business" when it comes to your industry?  I have committed to being a student of the business.  I attend industry conferences, support industry advocacy groups, and pursue professional designations.  Part of it is my need to keep my mind engaged in growth.  I always say, "Better to be busy than bored" and I mean it.  Lifelong learning is my way of expressing my commitment to helping others by honing my craft of selling.
The more relationships I build in the industry, I see so much opportunity for growth in sales recruiting, training, and retention.  If your industry is in a secular decline, maybe it's time to consider the Cannabis Industry!
See you in LA!! 
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