How to Find the Right Sales Career for You

"Nothing happens until someone sells something" - Peter Drucker
Every business relies on salespeople to drive revenue and profit.  Without a sales force to promote, educate, and ask people to buy, a business cannot survive long term.
To find the right sales career, you need to know what you like and don't like in career in general.  Here are a few things I think you should consider. 
  • Compensation
    • The most common concern when I'm interviewing candidates for a sales position is commission.
    • There are several combinations I've seen over the years.
      • 100% Base (For those seeking a consistent income and don't mind missing out on potential commissions.)
      • Base + Commission. (Usually a lower base with higher potential commissions.)
      • Base + Bonuses (Often a higher base with incentives and bonus programs.)
      • 100% Commission (The highest income potential for the sales person, with the highest risk)
        • I like to see that people have a safety net in place to endure the ups and downs.
        • It requires discipline to save when you have big sales and persist when things get tight.
  • Inside or Outside
    • 1st things 1st...Do you like to prospect?  To go out every week with a goal to meet or call on a certain amount of clients.  If not, inside sales might be best for you.
    • Inside sales people are important and work well for businesses with an established base of clients.
      • This is great for someone who is friendly and sees selling as a way of serving people.
    • Outside sales careers involve serving a region, market segment, or niche market promoting their business and engaging with potential buyers.
      • I was not made to be tied to a desk, so I love the fact that I spend most of my time in front of people and not my computer.
  • Does the opportunity align with your values
    • What's the business' why?  Why do they do what they do is more important than what they do.
    • Do their sales systems/scripts feel comfortable to you?
    • Can you believe in the product or service you're offering?
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