How do you follow up with applicants?

How do you follow up with candidates that have applied for your opportunity?
When someone applies for one of your opportunities, how do they feel about your follow up?  We're in a very competitive recruiting environment now and the candidate experience is so important.  I have been in recruiting for many years and I know I have been guilty of not following up with a candidate. 
I have seen tremendous interest in opportunities in the Cannabis Industry.  I saw an opportunity for an outside sales position in Denver on LinkedIn yesterday.  Within 2 hours, they had 85 applicants for this position.  Many of these came from within the industry, I'm certain.  However, many are coming from other industries and sales backgrounds.  What are their expectations when it comes to follow up?
I spoke with one candidate that has applied for more than 30 positions in various industries in the last 2 weeks.  He has heard back from less than 20% of the companies he's applied for.  He shared that he is determined, but feels somewhat discouraged.  His view of the companies and brands he's pursuing has diminished and his trust in them has eroded.
If an HR team can't give the candidate the courtesy of an email acknowledging receipt of their application, how does the candidate experience shape their view of your brand?  I understand the hesitation to turn someone down over email, but I think most would prefer that over not hearing anything at all.  
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