Hooks in the water - Job Search Strategies


  When you are searching for a new opportunity, how many "hooks in the water" do you have?
This might be a midwest saying, but to me it means how many sources are you leveraging to find your new career. We've all gone through career transitions in our life time.  When you're searching for the right opportunity, you need to be open to using several sources.  In our experience, the Cannabis industry is hesitant to hire inexperienced candidates.  Especially when it comes to growing and extraction operations.
Here are a few effective strategies that we encourage job seekers to use:
  • Job Boards (Our niche job board is a platform specifically for sales careers in Cannabis)
  • Social Media
    • LinkedIn - Leveraging your connections for an introduction to a hiring manager.
    • Instagram - One social media outlet where Cannabis companies are thriving.
    • Facebook - Leveraging your FB friends that are in the industry you're considering
    • Twitter - Less personal, but still offers a way of Direct Messaging Cannabis Companies.
  • Personal Network - Do you have anyone in your personal network that's currently in the industry?
  • Business Networking - Are there Cannabis Industry networking groups in your area?  In Colorado we have several active meetups and networking groups.  
  • Cannabis related events - Have you attended industry events in your area?  I've met people at events in Denver that traveled from SC, TX, OH, even Mexico
  • Cannabis / Hemp / CBD conferences - These are a great opportunity to meet vendors that serve the industry.  
  • Cold Calling - Have you ever picked up the phone and asked for an interview?
  • Stop and Drop - If you're confident in your resume and qualifications, why not stop in with it.
I hope I've offered a few strategies and tactics for finding your next opportunity.  The Cannabis Industry is growing at a rapid pace.  15% Compound Annual Growth rate, and that doesn't reflect the explosive growth of the CBD market.  The CBD market alone is expected to grow to a $22 Billion market int he US alone.
Thanks for stopping by! 
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