5 Things to Include on a Killer Resume

Understand that your resume is merely a tool in the hiring process.  There are several resources out there to help you build a nice resume.  Templates make it so you don't have to start the formatting from scratch.
I want to see the following in a great resume:
I want clear job titles.I am looking for a fit between your past experience and the job your looking at.  If I can't figure out what you've been, I may not dig deeper.Job experience sections should not be a job description.I'm looking for what you DID while in the job, not just what the job was.Include quantifiable resultsDollar amounts saved, sales increased by _%, _ amount of new accounts, etc...Highlight awards won in your past careers.When I'm looking for sales people, I'm looking for people that like to win.  Keep copies of emails, newsletters, in sales I would also document your production over the last 2 years.Highlight your involvement in the communityEmployers are looking for culture fit and volunteerism is often part of that.Use LinkedIn prior to the interview to see if you and the interviewer share a passion for volunteering
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